A few of the major styles of art that have influenced the modern world

A few of the major styles of art that have influenced the modern world

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Fascinated by the different types of modern art? See inside for more insight about the latest types and movements

There have been countless different sorts of art movements during the course of history. Within modern times, there have been types ranging from impressionism to expressionism and countless other isms in between. One of the most popular movements is called conceptualism. Much like the name suggests, the key principle is that the concept is just as important as the final result. Classic aesthetics and techniques are tossed aside. Obviously, it pushes back against conventional conventions of past ages. The artworks often take the shape of posters – where language is emphasized over painting. But it’s not merely confined to pieces of art. For example, art instructor Frank Zweegers is passionate about conceptual fine art photography. It’s found in everything from movies to music videos. It might sound strange, but there are singers who use these types of visual art to illustrate the underlying themes in their conceptual music records.

Most people have a pronounced and frequently instinctive reaction to abstract art styles. It causes strong thoughts in either direction. Some are fascinated by the contrasting colors and indecipherable shapes. Yet others feel bewildered and even frustrated at what they see. When that happens, it is typical to entirely disregard the work altogether. It’s quite common to overhear people assert ‘I could do that’ when confronted with these sorts of artwork. If this happens to be your response, there are some excellent reasons why you need to give abstract pieces a second chance. Abstraction doesn’t have to be understood. The best artists give you license to examine the artwork and find your unique meaning in it. This experience can be calming exactly because there is no final interpretation. You will also gain insight into an amazingly unique creative process. Rising artist Roberto Grosso, for instance, uses his love of music to express his personal themes and principles.

There are few bystanders in the world of contemporary art. Most people have some type of impression on these artworks, whether they are a passionate proponent or only passing through a museum on a rainy afternoon. This is perhaps because, unlike more conventional pieces, these artworks have a less defined quality. Plenty of modern art styles use simplistic designs or dashes of color to express instead of outright display their subject. Because of this, most casual observers presume there is little effort or ability required. This is not always the case. Current artists are merely more inclined to push back against the things that have come before. It’s not always liked by reviewers and the public. Shock art emerged right out of artists rebuff modern art of established conventions. But they’re also interested in making something new. Modern artist Sarah Sze, for example, creates installations to enhance everyday objects into something more magical.

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